Development & Teaching Methodologies at HPS

HPS provides the right environment for young minds to flourish with joy. Do Lots and be busy is the basic HPS rule.

Fun activities, reading, listening, writing, drawing, clay modeling, painting, group tasks are the activities which the child is involved at HPS. Our Kids love and cherish the environment at HPS.

Our carefully designed curriculum helps to get the best out of your child, so that every child develops holistically and independently.

The salient features of HPS teaching methodology are:

► Witness and study the various ways children learn new things.

► Set up optimal learning modules in the classroom and watch them at close quarters.

► The impact of learning materials on the child’s development is seen and recorded.

► At HPS efforts are made to enrich the young learners social and spiritual developments.

► Children are encouraged to be self learners. Analyze, ask and Learn is what we make the child do.

► Every child takes care of toys they play with and take active participation in classroom activities which makes them more independent.

► HPS believes in a blend of practical and analytical approach to expose the best talent of your child.

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