HPS Goals


HPS has a vision which was thought keeping in mind the future of today’s kid. Its vision is to provide the best educational and improvisational techniques for students at the pre-school and kinder garden levels.

HPS also visions at empowering the kids with quality education, entrepreneur & leadership qualities and global competency with true Indian values. It carries a target to introduce the world to a refreshingly new yet effective educational system that is interactive, interesting, informative and incredibly economical.

All are invited to share this futuristic and Idealistic vision along with HPS and be a part of this wonderful educational team.

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Education has become a business transaction today and the mission which HPS holds is to make a mark in the arena of education, of being the best at enhancing lives and shaping lives with a purpose involved in it.

Constructive learning is one of the missions that we at HPS tend to follow. The inner talent needs to be exposed and the best out of an HPS Kid needs to be taken to an excellence level. Changing the perception of education techniques is the mission which HPS thrives for.


HPS aims to be a catalyst in an enhanced growth endeavor of your child at all levels. We at HPS work as a team to bring a remarkable change in pre-school scenario providing students an exciting learning environment focused on discovering the inherent potential of kids. To sustain the fire of learning and cultivate a culture of innovation is what we target for our Kids at HPS, making them educationally & socially flourishing.


The Growing mind needs a wide gamut of knowledge to enrich itself

Our School's Team is here to help