Why A Franchise

HPS is undoubtedly one of the biggest brands of pre-schools in South India.With an intention to grow internationally, in the pre-school vertical the HPS franchise Management System of HPS is supposed to create ripples in the whole pre-school industry. The revenue sharing model of HPS is designed very finely where the HPS franchise owner is benefitted on a larger scale. It not only ensures security of the franchisee, but also enables to crave the best out of the business. HPS, though being an established brand in South India, is on the path of establishing more than 500 pre-schools across India, with a high student base, giving the best quality education with its innovative teaching techniques. HPS Franchise will truly be a golden opportunity for the individuals with a mind-set of basic business and compliance to endow world-class education with responsibility, moreover, fervor to work with


!!!! Benefits of choosing HPS Franchise!!!!

Choosing the correct brand as a franchise is an important step towards your investment. We simplify this for you!!

There are a number of reasons to take up an HPS franchise. HPS Play School brings for you, growth, respect and satisfaction in your business endeavor with us.

  • HPS provides the franchisees with complete guidance and solutions right from selection of the area, infrastructure to management and promotions of the pre-school.
  • Layout designs for the interior architecture and infrastructure or furniture are provided.
  • Special themes for the interior rooms & play-area are also suggested, creating a perfect ambience for a pre-school.
  • The unique Franchise System Management of HPS offers complete support.
  • Finely fabricated Revenue Sharing Model, where the Franchisee is largely benefitted.
  • Psychological counseling support is arranged as an USP.
  • Concept of teaching and international-standard curriculum uniquely designed for HPS kids is provided, that too on day-wise basis, making the curriculum user-friendly.
  • Periodic training workshops for teachers are organized to train them up-to-date with the emerging or changing concepts in tea
  • Extensive marketing and promotion is ensured by providing assistance in organizing events etc.
  • All this above support is offered without any extra cost to the franchise.
Your Investment at HPS??

1) Master Franchise: A Master franchise provides you the right to open multiple branches in your designated part of the city. You need to have a designated office space and apart from that you also need to open a model school in your city.

Space: 1000 square feet- [Approx] – Commercial space in a decent locality

3000 square Feet [approx] for a model school in the same city.

Investment:- The investment that is required for an HPS franchise is based on the returns and hence is easy on pocket as per the market survey,

2) Unit Franchise: Unit Franchise: A unit franchise is an independent HPS franchise center as per the availability at your choice of locality.

Space: 3000 Square Feet [approx]

Investment: One time investment with lucrative benefits is what HPS franchise offers.

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